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This is a blog detailing all the projects I work on. It's a record of where things are at and a pin board of small random bits and pieces of creation.

I share anything useful I've come across during development, so if you're trying to solve a similar problem checking the labels on the right may be of assistance.

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Thursday, 29 October 2009


Been working with more traditional materials lately. Attempting to develop a solid field-sketching work flow. Getting used to working with an artist's grip on the pencil and drawing confident strokes with large sweeps. Will scan in my work when I figure out how to exactly.

In the mean time, some paltry offerings:

Concept art for a sprite idea I had. The idea primarily sprung from thinking about palette, especially the neon green. Awful anatomy :)

Concept sketch for a 3D model to be used in a Team Fortress 2 map I'm making. Learning Blender in the process, great app.

Random doodle I did after work one night. Mainly playing around with brushes.

Background concept for another project of mine which I'm flirting with resuming. Really happy with the direction of this.