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Monday, 2 March 2009

Artistic Transmutation

Well I suppose things haven't been as productive as is possible. I've seen myself essentially shift from the position of a producer to that of a consumer. Rather than draw, sing and write, I view, hear and read. This has resulted in a stagnation of inspiration as I lose impulsive association between what is perceived and what is expressed.

In steps to reverse this alarming position, I reformed my own opinion on the matter, transmuting the situation from indifference to concern. Once this critical realisation was manifest, events aligned to assist in an actuation of this concept to reality. I had a good talk with my old friend Jack, whose reassurances of my inspiration and abilities pushed my resolve and momentum towards action, further resulting in his gifting of a book to my possession. It's an addition to the paltry collection of art books I hold, and it eerily mirrors my current artistic visions and sensibilities.

Following this event was the reconsolidation of the artistic alliance between Nick and I, where we have undertaken careful study of human anatomy for the purposes of drawing. I've been doing a considerable number of sketches since that commencement, and improvement has been marked, though yet to be notably achieved. Prepare for the largest dump this blog has seen to date:

The first sketch, from reference

Another from reference, still on head study at this stage

More head study, from reference

Following from notes, head study

Neck study, this is totally messed up

More neck study, even more messed up

Neck study, following from notes

And finally, more neck study from notes, some serious errors on head, and extension of study to shoulders

Each section of study will need numerous reviews. I am currently looking over the torso and pelvis, and hope to delve into some sketches of those in the next couple of days.